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WebTY's | Hosting was created to serve a special type of client. What type? The non-techie. There's no techno babble here. There's no tech speak that you have to understand. Everything here is either easy to understand with little or no computer knowledge or we simply do it for you. You need a new email account setup? We'll do it. You need to know what your traffic is? We'll tell you. There's a reason why we call it "No Hassle Easy Web Hosting"... because it is.

On the technology side of things, we believe in backups. We also believe in backing up our backups. Within our datacenter are multiples of everything. Multiple power sources, multiple connections to the internet and multiple copies of your web site. It's a $75 million, climate controlled, 80,000 sqft. fortress with capacity for over 35,000 servers. You are in good hands with WebTY's | Hosting.

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Not every client is created equal, so we have several specialized easy web hosting solutions.

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If you have a business, the links to your right are your best friend. You are in the right place to find easy web hosting. If you have custom needs, please contact the sales department. If you are a model, you should take a look at our model web site packages which include hosting and design for only .99 / day. It's inexpensive and easy web hosting. If you are a band, you are also in luck with inexpensive easy web hosting. Our band web site package have include hosting and design for only .99 / day.
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