Easy Web Site Maintenance + Hosting

Some people have web sites and don't know how to make changes to them. In fact, that describes the vast majority of our clients and that's ok. If that describes you too, then you're on the right page. Of course you can know how to update the site and just not want to do it yourself, and that's fine too. Now there's a no-hassle easy web hosting package that's made just for people like you.

Along with our no-hassle monthly hosting, you will also get unlimited updates to your web site.

Examples of what is allowed:

  • "Insert this photo for me right above the second paragraph."
  • "Replace the 3rd paragraph with this new text."
  • "Bold the word 'the' in the 3rd sentence, and underline the next word."
  • "Change this link to say 'contact staff' instead of 'contact us'.

Examples of what is NOT allowed:

  • "Create a new page and use this content."
  • "Make the form email 12 of my staff members and turn green."
  • "Install this new design throughout the whole site."
  • "Design a 5 minute flash movie with all my testimonials."
See the difference? I have more good news for you though. If you ask for that stuff, we can still do it. We'll just need to charge you a little extra on a case-by-case basis. However, because you have the "Easy Maintenance" hosting package you will get a discount that no one else will get! So what are you waiting for, click the button and sign-up today!

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